Personal Story: Me and The Rebbe

From one of our members about her encounter with the Rebbe:


“I was about 22 when I wrote to the Rebbe about it, and I was very specific. If anything, afterwards, he spoke to me far more often and at greater length, gave me very long letters and brochos, stopped the line at dollars to talk etc. I have never really understood why I was singled out for the brightest flame of the Rebbe’s love. I just know it happened and that he knew I was queer. As I said elsewhere, the only thing that the Rebbe didn’t give me was a brocha to get married”


I’m Your Average Chabad Bochur
I Can’t Be Like Everybody Else

4 thoughts on “Personal Story: Me and The Rebbe

  1. That’s really cool. I think the Rebbe felt one way personally, & had to say another publicly in order to prevent the Chabad movement from being shut down as being heretical. He was definitely a bigger picture kinda guy.
    Couldve ran a country..


  2. This is enlightening story and yes the Rebbe was a man of Science and he knew magic does not exist in this physical universe so we are sure he understood


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