Miriam / a Story by Susan

Miriam is scared, actually she’s terrified. She’s scared to keep on lying, but she’s absolutely terrified to tell the truth. Miriam is 15 years old.

Miriam has an appointment today with a psychologist. Her parents insist that something is wrong. Her teachers say that she’s not the same girl she used to be, “Check it out,” they say.susan.jpg

There’s nothing wrong with Miriam. She knows that, but she is terrified of the truth. Miriam knows she’s gay.

She’s known for a long time that she’s different. As a small child she felt something indescribable for her best friend. But now, at 15 she knows who and what she is.

She knows there’s nothing wrong with her, but she knows that in her society, in her community, people think differently.

She’s heard horror stories of boys being kicked out of their homes, of being bullied and teased in school. She has read about the torturous methods of aversion therapy that some parents subject their children.

But she’s also heard of some parents who accept their children just the way G-d made them. She has heard of empathetic and understanding teachers.

Her grades are suffering, she is withdrawn. What is the price of telling the truth? What is the burden of continuing to hide? Will her therapist be understanding, or will she be judgmental?

Life will never be the same if she tells the truth. Miriam is scared. She’s scared to death.

This is a work of fiction, but this could be your child or sibling.

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